Why Dimensions Algonquin Highlands is a Dog-friendly Destination


Honey has been enjoying the nature walks at Dimensions Algonquin Highlands

Meet Honey, our therapy dog (in training) at Dimensions Algonquin Highlands. Named for her sweet disposition and healing abilities, she’s a lovable golden retriever with a gentle and joyful manner.

While emotional support dogs are trained to assist one person, therapy dogs are trained to assist many, in a group setting. They can be found everywhere from schools during exam times to rehabilitation centres to disaster zones, lending comfort where it’s needed most.

It was important to us to make our Dimensions Algonquin Highlands retreat a dog-friendly destination. Science has proven what pet owners know intuitively: that dogs can provide a grounding presence, beneficial to our wellbeing. You can bring your own canine companion or benefit from Honey’s participation in nature hikes and social activities. Honey is accessible for when you feel you could benefit from a little extra affection or a buddy for forest walks.

Petting a dog provides comfort and connection; it has many physical and mental-health benefits, including lowering the stress hormone cortisol, reducing blood pressure, bringing down pain levels, and helping to alleviate depression. When you interact with a dog, it actually increases your levels of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone that makes you feel bonded with others. Dogs also increase our motivation to exercise and engage with other people.

Meet Honey at an upcoming Retreat and put her healing powers to the test.

Photo credit: Brilynn Ferguson Photography 

21 Sep, 2022