“Our psychedelic-assisted therapy programs are supported by neuroscientific research, evidence-based practices and the extensive experience of our respected therapeutic team. All programs begin with a Personal Assessment and Preparation, and Integration extends the restorative benefits long after you leave.”

Andrew Galloway, CO-FOUNDER + COO


Transcend your limitations and move from surviving to thriving.

Reconnect with your bodily wisdom to restore health and well-being. Psychotherapy presents an opportunity to heal the root causes of barriers to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. With the encouragement of daily embodiment practices and bodywork such as yoga, cranialsacral therapy and qigong, awaken your senses and experience positive change. For our Elevate program, individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and traumatic brain injury (TBI) are assessed and enrolled based on their needs.


Leave the everyday behind and begin your journey to self-betterment.

Pause, reflect and connect to an enhanced sense of purpose. Through a combination of psychotherapy, plant medicine ceremonies, community and complementary mind–body practices, open yourself to new ways of being and explore expanded states of consciousness. Mystical and spiritual experiences lead to an understanding that we are connected to a greater unified consciousness and help you uncover what it means to live authentically. Our Ascend program can help you find a deeper spiritual connection, enhance relationships, strengthen the mind/body connection, and improve your physical and emotional health. Retreats based on assessment.



Come together as a community and embark on a shared path to self-betterment.

Our Actuate program is built on the same foundation as our Ascend offering with a focus on team building and connection. Journey together toward common goals and intentions with a personalized group program tailored to your organization and leadership. Learn new skills to foster better self-care and prevent burnout, become more confident about yourself and your decisions, and leave feeling motivated and inspired by the group of like-minded professionals that surround you. Open to private groups upon request.


Enrich your knowledge with relevant, in‑depth training.

Provide better care for your clients and feel more confident in the work you do as a therapist and wellness practitioner. Leaders in the fields of psychotherapy, wellness and psychedelics instruct you in best practices to ensure the highest levels of integrity, ethics and safety. Gain new skills and receive certification in evidence-based therapies, techniques and methods. Open to registered therapists and wellness practitioners.


Achieve a richer understanding of psychedelics.

Dimensions is proud to collaborate with Queen’s Health Sciences by providing funding to help launch the Dimensions Health Research Collaborative for research and innovation in the field of psychedelics. Our ongoing clinical research partnership supports the safety, quality and efficiency of our treatment model. The Dimensions clinical program will be continually evaluated and improved upon to ensure best practices. Our goal is to create an evidence-based model that will be implemented at all future Dimensions Retreat locations. Research retreats are provided jointly with The Dimensions Health Research Collaborative.

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