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12 Sep, 2022

Dimensions Algonquin Highlands Now Open for Reservations

Ascend, a psychedelic-assisted therapy retreat program with cannabis commences October 2022
14 Jun, 2022

Dimensions Launches ‘ASCEND’ International Plant Medicine Retreat Series in Jamaica

ASCEND Destination Retreat Program Will Combine Legal Plant Medicine Experiences With Immersive Luxury Hospitality at Good Hope Estate In Trelawny, Jamaica.
27 Apr, 2022

Dimensions Establishing Psychedelic Healing Retreat in Algonquin Highlands

Dimensions, a Canadian company offering safe and legal psychedelic-assisted experiences for personal growth, well-being, and creative exploration, has revealed designs for “Dimensions Algonquin Highlands,” its first Retreat destination.
13 Jul, 2021

Dimensions Health Centres Expands Executive Leadership Team

Dimensions Health Centres (“Dimensions”), a psychedelic wellness company focused on integrating neuroscience with traditional healing practices, today announced the expansion of its executive leadership team with two new appointments.
15 Jun, 2021

Dimensions Health Centres to Provide Funding for Psychedelics Research Collaborative at Queen’s University

Dimensions Health Centres (“Dimensions”), a psychedelic wellness company offering immersive retreats for reset and renewal, will provide funding to the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University, to help launch a collaborative space for research and innovation in the field of psychedelics.
13 Apr, 2021

Dimensions Health Centres Announces Company Formation, Closes Oversubscribed Initial Funding Round

Dimensions Health Centres (“Dimensions”), a psychedelic treatment company, officially announced the company formation and subsequent closure of an initial, oversubscribed round of funding. The management team is led by CEO and co-founder Christopher Dawson, COO and co-founder Andrew Galloway, and Chairperson and co-founder David Heden. Dimensions will offer an innovative and comprehensive

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