Frequently Asked Questions

I am not concerned about my mental health, but I’m curious about improving my general well-being. Is it possible for me to attend one of your Retreats?

Dimensions offers a variety of wellness Retreats for those curious about exploring consciousness, seeking creative problem-solving and probing human potential.

Can I treat my substance addictive behaviour at Dimensions?

Dimensions is not a detox centre. Prior to arrival at any Dimensions Retreat, all our guests first undergo a self-evaluation, and may then proceed to a final evaluation under the expert guidance of our medical team. If anyone is determined to be actively dependant on substances or have a substance use disorder, they will be declined until they have been sober for a significant period of time.

How long is a Dimensions Retreat?

Dimensions Retreats are either two, four or ten days long to ensure that you are properly supported during your experiences.

Is a doctor referral required for participation?

Participation in our programs is not dependent on a physician’s referral, but all guests must participate in our intake and assessment process prior to Retreat, including a medical and psychological assessment to determine your physical and mental readiness for our programs.

Will my insurance cover my Dimensions Retreat?

The nature and level of coverage you are eligible to receive for services should be confirmed with your insurance company directly. Many of our services are provided by regulated and licensed experts, so you may be eligible for coverage for certain services.

Is information shared at a Retreat confidential?

Our guests’ privacy is paramount. Any information shared during the Retreat is confidential. Dimensions’ therapeutic staff comprises professionals who hold designations from recognized licensing bodies, and all staff have received extensive training on privacy protocols. Our digital platforms and guest services systems comply fully with HIPAA and PHIPA privacy regulations. Your fellow guests must also agree to maintain the confidentiality of other participants’ experiences and identities.

Do you accept pets on retreat?

YES, we accept pet dogs and therapy pets under these conditions:

Accommodating Your Very Important Pet (VIP): Dogs are not only our cherished pets, but also important partners in our lives and our healing. Dimensions recognizes their contribution to personal wellness and welcomes dogs and service animals at our properties. Below are the expectations for dogs and their owners while they are staying with us:

  • All VIP Dogs should be socialized and comfortable around other animals. Honey, our therapy dog in training will be thrilled to make a new friend.
  • All dogs must be attended and on-leash while outside of their cabin.
  • Guests are expected to pick up all waste from their pet. Bags will be provided as necessary.
  • Dogs may be left unattended in guest rooms, but only if they behave, do not make excessive noise, or cause damage such as clawing or scratching. We do have a dog crate available should guests so require.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the dining and food preparation areas – past the pillar in the lounge. Pets should not be present in the lodge during meal periods.
  • Housekeeping will not enter a guest room with a dog present. Please arrange for a time for service when your dog is out of the room
  • Dogs cannot be left unattended in the lodge or ceremonial spaces.
  • Please share your VIP dog details with us in advance of arrival so they can be appropriately catered to. We will provide a cozy bed, a dining area in the room with bowls for water and food and a towel to dry off after a run in the snow, the trails, or a dip in the lake.

Please note if a team member is required to dog sit due to challenging behaviour in guest rooms there will be a charge of $150 per sitting.

Any significant cleaning will be at a charge of $150. Any damage will be charged according to the nature of the damage.

As some of our other guests may not feel comfortable with dogs, Dimensions reserves the right to ask you to reschedule to a specified pet friendly weekend, or to leave your animal at home.

It is the expectation of the dog owner to manage the behaviour of their dog while at Dimensions. Dimensions will not be held liable for any damage, injury to any pet or injury to others.

For more details on our Privacy Practices, please consult our complete overview.

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