Guest Statements


My Veteran Elevate Retreat in February exceeded all my expectations. The facilities were second to none, the staff, wonderful and the food, fantastic!
I came home refreshed and inspired to carry on the practices I learned and benefited from. In addition to the mental health benefits, I lost almost ten pounds of excess weight.

G.L. Fall 2023

I attended the veterans 10 day program in the fall of 2023. I came in very stuck and unsettled within my mind and body, yet the staff and clinicians were all very accommodating and welcoming regardless of how I was being. Through the 10 days I slowly found myself, calming down to a slow and comfortable pace, a pace I’ve not experienced in decades. Dimensions was allowing me to settle in to a very comfortable routine. They provided us with amazing and healthy foods, mind and body resetting somatic therapies. For me this program was a very powerful reset to my somatic system. I decided to wait and do this review several months post retreat, and I can say I am still feeling better than I’ve felt in decades. To anyone, if you’re sitting on the fence and not sure if Dimensions is right for you, I highly recommend Dimensions and their talented and compassionate staff as “the” place to reset and restart in a happier and more free level of well-being. You deserve this reset and the freedom I’m feeling post retreat.
Thank you Dimensions Algonquin Highlands, I am greatful for the time and energy that was spent to make my stay memorable and life changing for my family and especially my own well-being.

Chi Miigwetch

The best retreat ever experienced. Five start hotel with 10 star service and amazing farm to table culinary explosion. Tried numerous new therapies creating a somatic experience that blew my mind. Total body and mind healing happens here.


We absolutely loved participating in the summer wellness series over the Labour Day weekend. The property and accommodations are five star, the food is top notch, and being able to go for small hikes with our pup, swim and paddle board was great! The team that runs this place is amazing and all our wellness treatments (massage, sound bath, float tank etc) were exactly what we needed. Thank you dimensions!

Tania S.

My partner and I went for The Summer Wellness series. It was hands down the best experience of our summer. The food was beyond delicious, the amenities were spotless, and the team was so kind with spot-on attention to detail. It was a perfect way for us to reset for the upcoming fall season. Bonus that our dog was welcomed and catered for as well. We will definitely be back! Thank you so much Dimensions!!

Camelia B

I found the whole experience relaxing, enlightening and extremely enjoyable.

Joanne R.

“The entire retreat was profound and transformative, with so many beautifully interwoven layers of experience. I feel like my journey of self-discovery and healing was taken to a new level.”


“The food is fantastic, massages everyday, so wonderful. I would recommend this for everyone.”

Margaret B.

“If you suffer from treatment resistant ptsd this is the place for you.”

David W.

Dimensions is a sacred space for healing and transformation. Bring openness and child like approach to learn more about yourself and you will be grateful for the experience. From hospitality to food, therapists, wellness treatments, everything is top notch. Beautiful space and beautiful people. I will be coming back for more self exploration in future! Thanks team Dimensions, you guys are doing great and the impact is huge


“In reflection, our journey at Dimensions was an odyssey of rejuvenation. It is evident that every facet of the retreat, from the diligent staff to the luxurious surroundings, has been conceived with a vision of holistic wellness.”

Bobbi M.
APRIL 2023

“Dimensions exceeded all expectations. From the moment I arrived until the very last moments of departure, I was cared for with such exquisite attention to detail that I recognized the healing had begun the moment I stepped foot on this sacred ground.”

Kim S.
MARCH 2023

“Wow. This was one of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had. Great accommodations and incredible facilitators!”

Anthony H.
MARCH 2023

“Dimensions is a WORLD CLASS operation, …As someone who has stayed at a few of the world’s top ranked hotels, I can safely say Dimensions offers an extremely high-end hotel experience which, naturally, includes not just the facilities, but the quality of service too.”

Don M.
MARCH 2023

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Dimensions. The facility is luxurious yet has the welcoming vibe of a close friend’s cottage. The staff are attentive and intuitive and seem to know what you want/need before you do. The food is fantastic. You feel nourished and cared for throughout the week. The combination of treatments, therapy, and ceremony left me feeling rejuvenated and more equipped to take on a new chapter in life.”

Andrew C.

“Thank you all at the retreat for what you deliver and the kindness with how you deliver it, because all these months later I still reap the benefits.”

Bruce W., CAF Veteran

“From the minute you enter this beautiful retreat you will feel calm and healing energy all around you. The stunning accommodation, incredible food, nourishing juices, and scenic surroundings were 10/10. Staff were always there to help. The ceremonies and treatments themselves we perfectly balanced and executed with care and intention. I highly recommend you go!”

Anushki B.

Dimensions in Haliburton was the exact respite I needed from a very busy professional life. The level of attention to detail, the incredible communication from the team regarding your preferences and the details of your stay and the actual grounds, accommodations and 5 star cuisine, is absolutely incredible. The mind/body modalities and services offered are life changing. I went there tired and burned out and I came home feeling alive and well. It’s incredible what a place like this can offer your soul.

Pamela S.

“So grateful to @dimensionsretreats for hosting a practitioners week and inviting us to experience your facilities. You truly have created a healing space second to none. The level of therapeutic expertise on your team was impressive.   A health-focused, high-quality, five-star experience in the heart of the sacred Algonquin Highlands!  And the food was nothing short of spectacular.  Thank you for your kindness and passion.  We look forward to sharing this gem with other practitioners.”

Dr. Abrams

“I highly recommend Dimensions for anyone who is looking to heal themselves from previous traumas or medical emergencies; especially where the medical system may have fallen short of a complete recovery. Every detail of the transformative experience – coupled with outstanding service and impeccable settings – makes Dimensions Retreats a memorable, effective success. The work that each guest needs to put forth in order to optimize outcomes, is supported by professionals who reach beyond every capacity to nurture your intentions. I entered the process with constant physical pain and an anxiety level of 8. I left with a level 4 on both fronts. The transformative journey along with the physical, emotional and psychological therapies exponentially changed how I feel about myself, and my life. You’ll leave with new perspectives, a deepened sense of community, strength of support, and an overall feeling of enlightenment.”

Carly S.

“So much care and attentiveness goes into a Dimensions retreat. I felt supported, as I released stress and pain in the therapeutic treatments and ceremony. The whole experience was nurturing and healing.”

Val H.

“Went in a jaded cynic with permanently hunched shoulders, came out a true believer with a mind as open as my newly freed trapezius.”

Ivy K.

“The star and the moon were in perfect alignment for this transformational journey with Mother Nature and my soul sisters.”

Jacqueline G.

“A feast for all the senses, a celebration of mind, body and soul, a connection to the heavens, to nature, to my fellow humans, to myself.”

Kerry K.
August 2022

“I attended Dimensions with an open mind, though admittedly a mind raised according to traditional western medical science. The one-on-one breath work blew me away. At the end of it, my mind was more at peace than I’ve ever experienced before. I held my breath for more than four minutes! I am in awe. What an extraordinary gift.”

David S.
August 2022

“My stay at Dimensions Algonquin Highlands was deeply nourishing, peaceful, and awe-inspiring. As soon as I arrived, I felt instantly supported and cared for by the incredible team there, who ensure your every need is met. My wellness journey was thoughtfully planned and personalized, allowing me to fully disconnect and reconnect with both myself and nature. I have immense gratitude towards the community Dimensions is creating –– its Retreat experience is one of the greatest investments I’ve made towards personal growth, well-being and healing.”

Shannan W.
August 2022

“With the help of Dimensions’ genuine, caring experts, my results were profound. I hope to make this an annual experience for the maintenance of my mental health.”

Bruce S.
August 2022

“Dimensions is a tune-up for the heart, mind and body. You get what you need, not necessarily what you thought you wanted. It’s a true gift to yourself. A big thank you to the wonderful clinicians and staff!”

Steph G.
August 2022

“Donald Currie’s patience and wisdom allow connection and quickly establish trust. The location, accommodations, amazing food, and friendly staff contribute to the safe space Donald creates. I loved every second and will be back.”

Joyanne P.
August 2022

“The minute I entered the property I felt calmer. I was greeted with such a warm reception by the team, who all jumped in to ensure I didn’t worry about a single thing from that moment on. My entire Dimensions experience was the epitome of “zen”; I would do it over and over again.”

Jennifer R.
JULY 2022

“An unforgettable experience I had with my partner.”

Grieg + Jay
JULY 2022

“A revitalizing place! The tranquility in nature and thoughtfulness embedded into the facilities came together in a uniquely positive way.”


“Visited Dimensions over the summer and had a great time, the food was amazing, the sound bath in the Geodesic dome was an awesome experience. It was right on the water which was very nice and private, enjoyed canoeing and paddle boarding. The actual rooms were beautiful, everything was pristine and the heated floors were a nice touch, had a great view of the forest and were lucky enough to see some deer right outside our back deck. Would def recommend this oasis as a nice break from the city life.”

John B.

“I visited Dimensions in summer of 2022. We were going to be arriving later than the rest of the guests and dinner was scheduled to be served, family style at a specific time. Feeling embarrassed I advised them that myself and spouse would not be present for the 5 star chef prepared dinner as planned. When we arrived, the chef prepared our own snack consisting of black bean hummus from scratch and the most delicious fresh bread I’ve ever tasted. I call this above and beyond. And unexpected. From that point on, I knew we were in good hands. The staff was present, friendly and showed a genuine interest in all of us and kept there presence involved yet in the background which we appreciated. We enjoyed paddle boarding, sound baths, great food, hikes and bonfires. The accommodation was stellar and clean. Frequently touched up and extremely modern. We even received a holiday card over the holidays, reminding me again of the personalities I crossed paths with during my experience there and provide another grateful feeling.”

Tammy R.

“I visited Dimensions in the Summer of 22 and the location along the lake is automatically welcoming and soothing as is the staff. I found my time there to be transformative. The 5-star accommodations are just that touch of luxury that allows you to enjoy the outside, inside on the most comfortable mattress ever. At every turn you’re immersed in nature. The sound baths were healing, therapeutic and relaxing to the point you can’t believe how quickly an hour can fly by. I had a great time mentally. Last but not least is the food. The food was not only bursting with flavour & colour, it was all locally sourced. Kudos to Chef and her team. Thank you Dimensions for a spectacular experience that will be with me for a lifetime.”

Gail B.

“While I could write an entire review on the luxurious accommodations, from the private deck facing the forest, the gorgeous rainfall shower and soaker tub to the pillow soft that made getting a peaceful nights rest a sure thing….the REAL diamond of this hidden oasis are the activities and services that are available to guests. Every event was an opportunity to learn, heal and grow while reconnecting with nature. During a birdwatching excursion, we learned about the history of the land and the habitat these beautiful animals rely on for food and shelter. The most transformative and healing experience for me was the sound bath, a combination of vibrational music and guided meditation. Through this session, I was able to release the anxiety, stress and tension that I had been bottling since the start of the pandemic, and reconnect with my true Self.

Every aspect of this retreat was perfectly suited in my journey to reclaiming my mental, emotional and physical health. I will definitely be visiting again and highly recommend Dimensions to anyone who is in need of a comfortable and safe space to rest and heal!”

Andrea I.

“The minute we entered the property I felt calmer. We were immediately greeted by the team with such a warm reception and they all jumped in to ensure we didn’t have to worry about a single thing from that moment on. The communal vibe of this place from the meals (hats off to the chef – amazing!) to the campfires was just perfection; everyone we met felt just like old friends. And the sound bath….the sound bath…was like nothing I’ve ever imagined. The entire experience was the epitome of “zen” and would do it over and over again. Thank you again and thank you for the holiday card. Such a personal touch!”

Jennifer R.

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