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Investment Highlights

  • We have assembled a leading clinical and research team of experts to ensure the safety, quality, efficiency and continual evaluation of our treatment model.
  • The establishment of Dimensions Algonquin Highlands allows for the full development of our Retreat business and clinical models.
  • We are actively exploring multiple expansion opportunities in the Americas and Europe
  • Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) has officially approved Dimensions’ ELEVATE for Veterans-Only Program as a VAC Interdisciplinary (IDC) inpatient program.

Dimensions Retreats

Our retreats focus on restorative well-being and transformational growth by combining neuroscientific research and evidence-based therapeutic healing modalities and somatic psychotherapy with elevated accommodations in nature.

Dimensions’ ELEVATE for Veterans-Only Program includes a retreat supported by the latest developments in neuroscience and neurobiology, The program’s evidence-based approach is oriented towards mitigating the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), anxiety disorders, and depression. Retreats are conducted monthly at Dimensions’ flagship property, Dimensions Algonquin Highlands.

Dimensions Retreats create an environment that is truly secure and supportive of the healing process. A welcoming and safe environment open all guests to new experiences and new opportunities for authentic connections to emerge.

Our Distinctive Approach

We believe in the pursuit of wellness through nervous system regulation and transformative somatic therapy. Dimensions offers a holistic suite of treatments informed by cutting-edge neuroscience and hosted in natural settings, to elevate mental health and well-being.

Setting is critical: we have developed our Retreats in beautiful natural environments with minimalist architecture and soothing interior design to enhance the experience.

Our Commitment to Research

Dimensions integrates cutting-edge developments in neuroscience with plant medicine to create a balanced approach to improving mental health and well-being. Research and education are fundamental to our practice and our growth. Dimensions Health Research Collaborative, a collaborative with Queen’s University, provides funding to the University’s Faculty of Health Sciences to help launch a space for research and innovation in the field of neuroscience psychedelics, broadening the scope of psychedelic-assisted therapies and supporting the training and education of healthcare professionals.

Meet our Team

Learn more about the innovators who are building the Dimensions brand and helping to implement it worldwide.
Christopher Dawson,
CEO & Co-Founder
Andrew Galloway,
COO & Co-Founder
Doug Biggs
Joanne Thomsen
Managing Director, Corporate Leadership

Dimensions is moving quickly.

Our Dimensions Algonquin Highlands Retreat located in Ontario, Canada, is now open, and we’ve identified other promising partner properties in Europe. Excitement and growth in the wellness and regenerative travel space mandates this pace of expansion. More importantly, investors are encouraging us to be aggressive.

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