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“They do an incredible job–from the moment we land–of this elevated hospitality. So there is always an element of feeling that I am supported, that I am held. That there are people wanting to take care of me.”

– A.L.

Guest Statements

Embark on a path of sustained well-being enhanced by the restorative power of nature.

Dimensions is a place to reconnect, an opportunity to heal and a path to lasting transformation. Whatever your intention, we invite you to unlock your potential for well-being while experiencing warm hospitality in natural settings. Match your personal wellness goals to our evidence-based programs featuring somatic therapies, and begin the journey to your greatest self.


Initiate lasting change at Dimensions Retreats.

Dimensions Retreats tap into the natural world’s profound influence on resilience and self-growth. Experienced in sublime landscapes around the world, our evidence-based programming draws on the timeless wisdom of plant ceremonies to inspire an evolution of mind, body and spirit. Nourished by the season’s best ingredients, enhanced by the healing properties of wellness rituals and pampered by our personalized service, you reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. Here, you can immerse yourself in your intention.

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Dimensions Retreats are sensitively designed in extraordinary natural locations that sustain and inspire.

Algonquin Highlands

Find a renewed sense of purpose amid the fresh waters of Maple Lake and the rugged wooded terrain of the Canadian Shield.

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Fall into harmony with the landscape in one of the world's most welcoming countries.
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