Trauma Leaves Its Mark

After a car accident in 2015, Kim Sargent had never gone more than three days without an excruciating headache. “I don’t really even remember what it feels like to live a life that’s pain free,” says Kim, who is the Clinical Director of Canadian Family Health Counselling and the founder of Neural Network Therapy.

While Kim’s accident was dramatic enough to shut down Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway, she was lucky enough to come out of it relatively unscathed–at least physically. ” I wasn’t bleeding; I wasn’t smashed up,” she says.

However, the trauma left its mark, manifesting in chronic pain. Having spent $80,000 on conventional therapies over the past eight years, with limited results, Kim came to Dimensions Algonquin Highlands in hopes that plant medicine and psychedelically assisted therapy could help restore her well-being. She was excited and incredibly nervous, on arrival, but also curious. On her podcast,  “Emotional Health Matters,” she shares the story of how her ASCEND Retreat unfolded.

Listen to the podcast episode to join Kim on her healing journey.

05 Jul, 2023