The Veteran Retreat Program:

A Healing Sanctuary for the Mind and Body


War and military service leave indelible marks on those who serve. While battle wounds heal, the scars on the mind and spirit can persist, presenting as Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), anxiety, and depression. Our Veteran Retreat Program is dedicated to addressing these invisible wounds through an approach rooted in neuroscience and holistic healing.

A healing environment

Our program provides veterans with a safe, supportive environment to heal, reconnect, and find peace. Our retreat center provides mind-body wellness and psychotherapy for veterans experiencing PTSD, anxiety, and depression. To help veterans stay connected with their retreat cohort, we also offer ongoing psychotherapeutic group support through our 45-week aftercare program. We provide veterans with resources that will help them lead healthy, fulfilling lives.



The mind-body connection

Trauma isn’t just an abstract concept that lives in the recesses of the mind:Science tells us that trauma finds a home in our bodies, affecting our nervous systems and extending its influence far beyond the initial traumatic experience.

Traditional therapies, while effective in certain contexts, focus on the cognitive aspects of trauma and may not delve into the physical and somatic implications. The use of body-oriented psychotherapy can aid in healing trauma by accessing its physical aspects and allowing it to be expressed and processed more efficiently. Self-awareness can also be increased through these therapies.

We integrate evidence-based psychotherapy with mind-body practices, such as meditation, yoga, and sound baths, recognizing the intricate connection between mental and physical health. By addressing the full spectrum of trauma’s impact, we offer Veterans holistic healing.



Transformative growth

Time and time again, we’ve seen Veterans walk into our program burdened by their experiences, then walk out lighter, having reclaimed control over their lives. In addition to reducing symptoms, we see a significant improvement in their overall quality of life.

Veterans are also gaining confidence, at our retreats, in their abilities to manage their symptoms. Through this process, they develop skills for managing their emotions, establishing strong relationships, and setting goals.

The Veterans are also receiving invaluable support from their peers, who are veterans themselves. The result is a sense of belonging, shared experiences, and community building.

Our program’s organic nature always leaves room for growth and unexpected treasures. A testament to this is the recent addition to our retreat: “Our Place.” Conceived of by one of our Veteran guests, it’s a dedicated space in the heart of the forest. Here, surrounded by nature, people can release their burdens, process their grief, and find solace.

Centered around a labyrinth lined with healing words, visiting “Our Place” is a therapeutic journey in itself. Whether for reflection, meditation, or simply to be, it serves as a healing balm not just for our Veterans but for anyone grappling with profound emotions. It offers a peaceful, calming space for visitors to explore their feelings and process their thoughts. It is a place of solace and refuge, providing a tranquil atmosphere where visitors can feel nurtured and uplifted.



Equipping Veterans for the journey ahead

Beyond therapy, our program equips veterans with skills to regulate their nervous systems. This empowering knowledge offers them tools to navigate the world with increased resilience and control.

In addition to helping them reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression, we empower them by teaching them different coping strategies. The goal of our program is to help them achieve a sense of peace and contentment within themselves.

As a result of our collaboration with Queens University, we are committed to  maximizing the effectiveness of our approach, through ongoing research. We are currently analyzing our clinical data to determine how our program has impacted the lives of our veterans.



Holistic healing for inner peace

Our Veteran Retreat Program isn’t merely a stopgap measure to manage symptoms; it’s a sanctuary for holistic healing. It is in our commitment to helping our heroes find the peace they deserve that we attend to the mind, body, and spirit.

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19 Sep, 2023