Dimensions + Queen’s University


When you’re embarking on a new wellness journey, it’s reassuring to know your therapy team is working with the latest information and techniques and applying it to your care. At Dimensions, we integrate cutting-edge developments in neuroscience and neurobiology with longstanding plant ceremony traditions to create balanced, evidence-based approaches to improving your health and well-being.

Research and education are fundamental to Dimensions’ offerings and growth. Dimensions Health Research Collaborative, a collaboration with Queen’s University, provides funding to Queen’s Health Sciences to create a space for research and innovation in the field of psychedelics, broadening the scope of psychedelic-assisted therapies and supporting the training and education of health and wellness professionals. We view this investment (the largest contribution to the Collaborative by a private company) as a privilege. It is our commitment to developing the future of psychedelics and, most importantly, supporting our team of expert therapists to ensure you receive the best care possible.

“As a company that is deeply committed to improving general well-being, we are excited by the transformational healing potential that psychedelics have been shown to provide. We are confident that the research and development at Queen’s will shape the psychedelics industry for years to come.” – Chris Dawson, CEO + Co-Founder

Queen’s Health Sciences independently oversees the Collaborative’s activities. An ideal partner, Queen’s Health Sciences’ research arm is closely integrated with Kingston’s hospitals, representing a unique translational environment with a history of advancing basic discoveries through early human trials and into larger multi-centre trials. In addition, Queen’s has a strong track record in key areas of applied research and knowledge translation, through centres such as the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.

Additionally, given Queen’s multidisciplinary strengths in areas including public policy, law and business, we also see the potential for the Dimensions Health Research Collaborative to spearhead exciting and important efforts that include broadening the scope of psychedelic-assisted therapies, developing a foundation for policy work that is ethical and evidence-based, and supporting training of therapists in the field. The Collaborative will also align with Queen’s Health Sciences’ commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity and Accessibility as outlined in its strategic plan, Radical Collaboration.

“The study of psychedelics is an important and emerging area of research and policy in Canada. As we look to the critical need for further research, education and knowledge translation, researchers in Canada’s post-secondary institutions have a critical role to play, and Queen’s Health Sciences has positioned itself at the forefront.” – Jane Philpott, Dean, Queen’s Health Sciences and Director, School of Medicine

As we open our Retreats and help grow the field of psychedelics, Dimensions is proud to collaborate with Queen’s Health Sciences on this important work.

05 Jan, 2022