“I visited Dimensions in summer of 2022. We were going to be arriving later than the rest of the guests and dinner was scheduled to be served, family style at a specific time. Feeling embarrassed I advised them that myself and spouse would not be present for the 5 star chef prepared dinner as planned. When we arrived, the chef prepared our own snack consisting of black bean hummus from scratch and the most delicious fresh bread I’ve ever tasted. I call this above and beyond. And unexpected. From that point on, I knew we were in good hands. The staff was present, friendly and showed a genuine interest in all of us and kept there presence involved yet in the background which we appreciated. We enjoyed paddle boarding, sound baths, great food, hikes and bonfires. The accommodation was stellar and clean. Frequently touched up and extremely modern. We even received a holiday card over the holidays, reminding me again of the personalities I crossed paths with during my experience there and provide another grateful feeling.”

01 Oct, 2022