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Every stay is preceded by a consult with a member of Dimensions Retreat’s resident health and wellness team, who will customize a well-being program for members of your group.

All ASCEND Retreats and HOSTED group stays are supported by the inclusion of a group sound bath, an individual bioSound or a float tank sensory deprivation therapy session and group cold plunge therapy.

A number of transformational healing modalities such as yoga, qigong, acupuncture, reiki, cranial sacral therapy, sound therapy, and deep-tissue massage can be arranged for HOSTED or RESORT stays at additional fees.


Experience healing and nourishing meals inspired by the season and Chef Miriam Echeverria’s culinary artistry. We will cater to your bio-individuality and share with you the best of what our local ecosystem has to offer. ​

Our menus are served communally at our harvest table, and meals may also be packed for wandering. They are designed to foster well-being and nourish the soul. ​​


Maple Lodge is at the heart of several gathering points near the guest cabins.

The main floor of the lodge offers a communal harvest table and lounge for dining and meeting.

Three private meeting spaces double as treatment rooms and are located on the second floor.

Gather as a group and close the day by counting the stars at night from inside our 685 square-foot Ceremony Dome.

Group Stay Inclusions

Dimensions offers a variety of year-round outdoor activities, such as forest bathing, hiking and fireside gatherings.

Private groups may also host and design their own activations and reserve additional on-site wellness treatments with our registered practitioners.​

Spring + Summer

Outdoor Activities

Swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding, bon fires, hiking

Fall + Winter

Outdoor Activities

Cold plunge, ​snowshoeing, cross-country skiiing, bon fires ​

Sound Bath

Ceremony Dome

Included with every ASCEND or HOSTED stay is a calming sound bath. Each session spans 60-90 minutes and can be modified, according to the group’s request.​

Biofeedback Session

Maple Lodge

Included with every group ASCEND or HOSTED group is a biofeedback session or a Floatation Therapy Session. We utilize this cutting-edge modality through The Biosound® Therapy System. This system uses vibrational patterns (vibrations that can be heard, and vibrations that can be seen) to interrupt patterns of stress, trauma, and pain.

Floatation Therapy

Maple Lodge

Included with every group ASCEND or HOSTED stay is a choice between a Biosound or Floatation therapy session (also known as isolation therapy or sensory deprivation therapy). It is the practice of spending one hour or more floating peacefully within a tank filled with a water and Epsom salt solution. To further the effect, all distractions will be removed such as light or visual stimuli, sense of touch due to the water being the same temperature as your skin, leaving you with the freeing feeling of floating.

Cold Plunge Therapy

Maple Lake

A featured inclusion of every ASCEND or HOSTED stay is a group cold plunge. Regular cold exposure results in a beneficial amount of stress in the body, which leads to a process called hardening. Hardening is a natural process that trains your nervous system to handle a larger spectrum of both physical and mental stress over time. Pushing new boundaries and taking in the cold plunge will lead to a strengthening of your willpower.

Chef-prepared Meals

Maple Lodge

Included with every group stay are meals and snacks prepared according to your preference. Nutritious, food is made by combining sustainably sourced local vegetables and fruits, quality proteins sourced from Ontario farms and locally grown garden staples to create nutrient- rich, organic dishes; healthy snack bars; liquid infusions, shakes and juices.

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