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An all-inclusive HOSTED Retreat, or a more fundamental build-your-own RESORT Stay, or and ASCEND retreat experience are among the three primary options available to private groups of up to 15 persons. All three group stay options at Dimensions Algonquin Highlands inspire a life-changing evolution of mind, body and spirit




1. HOSTED Stay

A collaborative program beginning with two nights

A HOSTED Stay at Dimensions is an opportunity for meeting planners or wellness practitioners to build their own program and avail themselves of the expertise of our wellness practitioners. These stays feature somatic bodywork and wellness treatments but do not include psychotherapy or a Plant Medicine Ceremony.

HOSTED Stay Inclusions:​

  • Private luxury cabin accommodation with en-suite bathroom (soaker tub + walk-in shower)​

  • All meals and snacks ( healthy + organic)​

  • All meeting spaces​

  • One evening group breathwork + Sound Bath​

  • One evening group Cacao Ceremony​

  • Access to all outdoor adventure equipment​

  • Group sessions with somatic therapists

  • One individual floatation therapy session per person (sensory deprivation in a float tank) or BioSound therapy table (biofeedback)​

  • One nature group (forest therapy)​

  • Optional cold exposure therapy (cold plunge)

  • Seasonal outdoor activities (guided or self-directed)

2. RESORT Stay

An Independent program beginning with two nights .

GROUPS arriving at Dimensions Algonquin Highlands for a Resort Stay will be self-directed and all programming will be planned by the group’s leadership. These stays do not include psychotherapy or Plant Medicine Ceremony.

3. ASCEND Retreat

RETREAT; four-nights towards self-betterment

This group program is at the core of what Dimensions Algonquin Highlands offers guests. Participation in our programs is not dependent on a physician’s referral, but all members of the group must participate in our intake and assessment process prior to Retreat, including a medical and psychological assessment to determine physical and mental readiness for our programs.

The four-night all-inclusive retreat program features an optional Plant Medicine Ceremony with cannabis. Psychedelic-assisted therapy with cannabis provides an opportunity to process and discharge trauma and stress from the nervous system and the body, where they are stored. The Retreat is designed for guests who seek privacy and safety in a professionally guided environment. Participants are looking to do the deeper transformational work to uncover their greatest potential and let go of habits, beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve them.

Supported by registered somatic psychotherapists in a beautiful natural setting, our program will help you deepen your self-awareness, lean into your personal journey of healing and step into your future with more openness, vulnerability and purpose.

ASCEND Retreat Inclusions:

  • Private luxury cabin accommodation with en-suite bathroom (soaker tub + walk-in shower)

  • All meals, drinks, and snacks (healthy and organic)

  • One optional psychedelic Plant Medicine Ceremony

  • One Ceremony preparation, group

  • Five individual Body Work and Wellness selections (acupuncture, massage, Thai massage, individual breathwork, reiki, sound healing, cranial sacral therapy, hot stone massage, mindfulness meditation)

  • Choice of either BioSound therapy or Floatation therapy (float tank sensory deprivation)

  • One individual psychotherapy session (1 hr)

  • One group psychotherapy session for integration (2 hrs)

  • Daily morning group movement and/or meditation (yoga, Qigong)

  • Daily nature group (forest therapy)

  • One evening group Sound Bath

  • One evening group breathwork

  • One evening cacao Ceremony

  • Optional seasonal cold-exposure therapy (cold plunge)

  • Seasonal outdoor activities

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