Biosound Chair Healing


Biosound therapy is used in the treatment of those suffering with certain mental health diagnoses and has been shown to help individuals process overwhelming emotions and traumas without the use of medication. Biosound treatments help relax the nervous system, which in turn lowers the heart rate and cortisol levels, thereby reducing stress.

Biosound therapy produces binaural beats to create a theta-level brainwaves, and a relaxed and meditative state. Once the brain is in a theta-level meditative state, it is better able to receive positive affirmations through tones and suggestions.

At Dimensions, we utilize this cutting-edge modality through the Biosound® Therapy System. This system uses vibrational patterns (vibrations that can be heard, and vibrations that can be seen) to interrupt patterns of stress, trauma, and pain. The goal is to set the nervous system to a place of complete relaxation — a deep, restful state that puts the body and central nervous system into sync and harmony. The relaxation methods used in biosound therapy are why it is so effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.

The process is simple and painless. Guests lie down in a special chair and are covered with a blanket. They then experience full body low frequency vibrations with therapeutic music that enhances the relaxation response and reduces muscle tension and pain. The vibrational patterns have a very powerful, healing, and positive impact on the brain.

The audio used in the sessions is called binaural audio. Binaural audio is also used to help with relaxation. The sound mirrors the theta and low-alpha brainwaves, which are present when an individual experiences relaxation and focus.

It’s simply about stimulating a heightened sense of relaxation through vibrations and sound waves; there aren’t any “side effects” to worry about.

Biosound therapy has a multitude of positive effects such as decreased symptoms of depression, lower emotional responses to stress and trauma, improved positive thought patterns, and of course – relaxation.

28 Nov, 2022