Are you ready to take a cold plunge?


There’s still time to benefit from an icy dip at Dimensions

Exposure to cold has been used as a therapy for millennia and recent adaptations include cold showers, ice baths, outdoor swims, and cold-water immersion therapy. These types of exposure to the cold can stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation, and release endorphins in the body.

What are the main health benefits of cold plunging?

  • Cold plunging strengthens your body and mind
    Regular cold exposure results in a beneficial amount of stress in the body, which leads to a process called hardening. Hardening is a natural process that trains your nervous system to handle a larger spectrum of both physical and mental stress over time. Fortifying the body fortifies the mind. Pushing new boundaries and taking in the cold plunge will lead to a strengthening of your willpower.

  • It boosts immunity
    Scientific studies have found that cold immersion can increase the number of white blood cells in your body. These blood cells protect your body against diseases and illness. Researchers believe this process is related to an increased metabolic rate, which stimulates the immune response.

  • It stimulates metabolism
    In addition to increasing the metabolic rate directly, coldness provokes the generation of brown fat. Brown fat is your body’s natural furnace and it insulates your organs.

  • It can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety
    While cold water is not a cure for any mental health condition, case studies suggest that cold-water exposure may help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in some people.

Are there any risks to cold plunging?
It’s important to note that cold-water plunges are not medically advised for people with cardiovascular conditions, impaired circulation, sensitivity to cold, or epilepsy. Before undertaking a plunge, speak with a host about any health conditions or concerns. Please note that our cold plunges are always monitored, and we help guests prepare for their cold plunge through breathwork.

What are the cold plunge options at Dimensions Algonquin Highlands?
Guests can do a guided Cold Plunge at Dimensions. In the colder months, we offer the experience outdoors, in the pristine waters of Maple Lake. In late fall, as temperatures dip, guests often choose the natural option of plunging in the chilly lake. We cut through the ice in mid-winter, to offer an extreme cold-plunge experience. And up until late April, as the ice thaws naturally, the lake water is still bracing–and perfect your plunge

17 Mar, 2023