Announcing our Partnership with the New Health Club in Europe


We are excited to share the news that Dimensions is set to offer plant medicine psychedelic retreats in Europe, as of fall 2023. We’ve formed a partnership with the New Health Club, a global psychedelic community and media platform, and we are also pleased to be welcoming its founder Anne Philippi-a key figure in the resurgence of psychedelic healing-to our Board of Advisors.



Dimensions unites neuroscientific research with psychedelic plant ceremony, community, healing modalities, and luxury-focused accommodations in nature, at multi-day retreats. The New Health Club is a Berlin-based, online and in-person community focused on mental wellness and legal psychedelics. Together we are bringing Dimensions’ retreat offerings to Europe. As well as building a likeminded community in Europe, we will be educating audiences there on the safe, guided, and legal use of psychedelics for healing and personal transformation.

Dimensions and the New Health Club will collaborate on psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands. While Dimensions currently facilitates cannabis-based psychedelic Plant Medicine ceremonies in Canada, the European retreats will feature an expanded repertoire of psychedelic healing modalities, as permitted by local authorities. Through our partnership, we also plan to host cannabis-based psychedelic retreats in Europe over the next two years. If you are interested in joining the wait list for these retreats, please e-mail: [email protected].



The New Health Club created the popular Psychedelic Podcast, featuring interviews with leaders, innovators, and disruptors across the space. Dimensions Co-founders Chris Dawson and Andrew Galloway are featured in the latest episode. They discuss both this new partnership and the future of international psychedelic retreats. You can listen here.

Interested in a Canadian preview of the cannabis retreat program? There’s one taking place this summer, from July 19–23, 2023, and you can book here.

30 Mar, 2023