The Importance of Setting

Dimensions Retreats are designed for the world’s most inspiring landscapes because we believe nature is an essential partner in wellness. In serene environments, our stress levels dip, our immune systems enjoy a boost and sleep comes more readily. Both body and mind relax, making it easier to connect and engage in the moment. In this regenerative state, the process of healing begins. Facilitated by evidence-based therapies and psychedelic-assisted ceremonies, this is the start of your journey to well-being.

Shaped by our commitment to creating spaces that promote healing, our intentional designs and contemplative interiors provide a peaceful atmosphere that supports your journey. Dimensions Retreats span a diverse range of locations, and we can help you choose the best setting for you. All are united by luxurious hospitality, restorative nutrition and expert guidance to encourage meaningful transformation.

“We anticipate the diversity of your needs with intuitive hospitality, personalized in every way. A dedicated team of professionals supports your time with us to create an exceptional environment of safety and comfort before, during and after your Retreat.”


Before You Arrive

Your path to self-betterment begins in the month leading up to your arrival at Dimensions Retreats. Our therapeutic team helps you choose the best experience to realize your goals and initiates practices that prepare you for your Retreat.

"At Dimensions, we believe in transformation that will change your life. Before you arrive, we will be working with you to set goals, identify areas in your life that you'd like to transform, and blocks you have had on your journey so far."



This is the first step in your journey. Dimensions’ therapists guide this initial phase, beginning with collaborative exploration. We’ll exchange insights to ensure your readiness and develop a Dimensions Retreat experience tailored to you.


To optimize your time with us, we offer personalized preparation that includes access to meditations, breath work and embodiment exercises. Your dedicated Dimensions resource will help you anticipate your journey, and together we will start building the skills that develop sustainable personal growth.

Your Retreat Experience

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into a safe, supportive atmosphere that promotes mental, physical and spiritual regeneration. Opportunities for inward reflection and outward connection with nature and other community members encourage meaningful experiences that set the stage for lasting transformation.

Once you’ve settled into your Retreat surroundings, it is time to connect.

Guided mindfulness-based practices bring you in touch with yourself and others united in this meaningful experience and to the pristine natural setting. These connections form the backdrop to an array of healing therapies, energizing exploration and a luxurious focus on well-being.

Ceremony is the coming together of community in a sacred gathering.

This immersive exploration encourages you to honour the sacredness of life and get in touch with the deeper, calmer parts of yourself. From the timeless wisdom of Plant Ceremony to other rituals and psychedelic-assisted therapies, this shared and guided spiritual experience represents a doorway to radical awakening and transformational healing.

Your relationships to the land, to the medicine and therapies, to your peers and – most importantly – to yourself now come into focus.

A period of reconnection and relaxation supports the initial integration of your ceremonial experience, enhanced by activities in nature, luxurious pampering and exceptional culinary selections that connect mind and body.

When You Leave

Integration is the most crucial part of the Retreat experience, as it carries what was learned forward into daily life. The benefit is seeing change that actually sticks around and becomes long-term transformation. After your Retreat experience, we will continue to help you integrate and guide you toward a successful next phase.

“During our week-long Retreats, guests experience what it feels like to be more free, open and supported – more loved and more loving. That’s the beauty of what we bring.”


Long-Term Integration

Our goal is to support sustainable self-growth and extend the restorative benefits long after your stay with us has ended. You will be upheld as you integrate your learnings into your lifestyle, embodying new levels of well-being.

Community Support

Timeless healing practices are blended with daily modern lifestyle habits to extend your journey post-Retreat. We foster continuous connection, ongoing sessions and a network supportive of your holistic wellness.

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Dimensions Retreats are sensitively designed in extraordinary natural locations that sustain and inspire.

Algonquin Highlands

Find a renewed sense of purpose amid the shimmering waters of Maple Lake and the rugged wooded terrain of the Canadian Shield.

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