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Psychedelic Plant Medicine: Integrating the Modern and the Ancient

Embark on your transformational journey with Dimensions at Good Hope Estate, in Trelawny, Jamaica. 

Dimensions will host an ASCEND Retreat this December at Good Hope Estate. ASCEND is one of five well-being programs in Dimensions’ foundational repertoire. It is an opportunity to leave the everyday behind and begin your journey to self-betterment. Pause, reflect and connect to an enhanced sense of purpose.

Through a combination of psychotherapy, psychedelic plant medicine ceremonies, community and complementary mind–body practices, you will open yourself to new ways of being and explore expanded states of consciousness.

Mystical and spiritual experiences lead to an understanding that we are connected to a greater unified consciousness and help you uncover what it means to live authentically. 


Good Hope Estate
Trelawny, Jamaica


Saturday, December 10 –
Saturday, December 17, 2022


Highlights of The Ascend Eleven Week program

Pre-Retreat/ Guided preparation over four weeks

Two virtual group meetings, dietary advice, videos, worksheets, audio meditations

On Retreat/ At Good Hope, Trelawny, Jamaica

Private accommodation (7 nights), three progressive plant medicine ceremonies, all meals + snacks, two (3 hour) group relational somatic psychotherapy sessions, daily nature therapy, three wellness activations (movement, bodywork, yoga, meditation), three individual massage treatments, water activities, daily group movement and meditation, evening gatherings, local airport transfers

Post-Retreat/ Guided integration over six weeks

Two virtual group plant medicine discussions, psychoeducation videos, meditations, podcasts

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Dec 10 – 17



Join Jesse Hanson, PhD,

Dimensions’ Chief Clinical Officer for an immersive Plant Medicine retreat.

Jesse Hanson, PhD

Dimensions’ Chief Clinical Officer

Jesse holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, specializing in neuropsychology and somatic therapy and leads the Dimensions clinical team from his home base in Costa Rica. He brings over 19 years’ experience in personal development, trauma reprocessing and psychedelic assisted therapies in the Health and Wellness field to Dimensions inaugural ASCEND program in Jamaica. His experience as a globally recognized and highly experienced therapist includes three years working on A&E’s documentary series Intervention, 8 years of working in the holistic wellness field, and nearly 10 years at Passages Malibu, a world-renowned luxury treatment Centre in the holistic health field.

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Don Khalsa

Plant Elder

Over Don’s 30 year journey with plant medicines, he has been fortunate enough to study with Elders who carried knowledge and sacred practices of their lineages. As a medicine carrier, he holds this knowledge with deep gratitude and respect. His skills and wisdom come together to create and hold ritual space in ceremony.

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Miriam Echeverria

Executive Chef, Dimensions Algonquin Highlands

“Our connection to the earth and ourselves is strengthened when we eat with mindfulness and reflect on the experience,” says Chef Echeverria. Born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, Miriam moved to Canada in 2008 and swiftly made her entrance into the Toronto culinary scene. Miriam was named “one of the reasons to love Toronto” by Toronto Life magazine and one of the 16 best female chefs in the city.

As founder of Cheffing 4 Good, a non-profit organization in support of women in need, she hosts charitable, plant-based dinners in collaboration with other women in the industry.

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Linda Griffin

Linda Griffin

Dimensions' Managing Director, Hospitality

Linda is a global hotelier with more than 30 years of international experience in the hospitality industry, including 26 years with Hilton Hotels. She arrives at Dimensions from Jumeirah Hotels in the United Arab Emirates where she focused on the development of a luxury resort in Abu Dhabi. Linda leads the hospitality division of the growing collection of psychedelic plant-based medicine Retreats for Dimensions worldwide.


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About Dimensions

Combining neuroscientific research with Plant Ceremony and luxurious hospitality, Dimensions focuses on restorative well-being and transformational growth. Dimensions Retreats help improve and transform lives by drawing on the restorative power of nature, spa rituals, remarkable cuisine and psychedelic Plant Ceremony in a growing collection of safe, legal and luxurious accommodations in natural settings. 





Dimensions Retreats combine ancient practices with modern neuroscience, braiding the practices of poly-vagal theory (calming the nervous system, pendulation of emotional states, self-regulation, titrating approaches to challenging material and stored trauma) with psychedelic medicine, all within the context of nature-oriented retreats. In this way, Dimensions leverages the healing power of nature with the transformational possibilities of psychedelics, couched within a supportive, guiding, safe and informed therapeutic environment oriented towards calming and restoring self-regulation to the nervous system.



Make time for a Reset. Increased urbanization, decreases in horticulture, deforestation, loss of bio-diversity and human dependence on information technologies, electronic devices and the looming meta- verse have increasingly created a widespread nature-deficit disorder while increasing anxiety, sensory overload and dysregulating nervous systems. A loss of contact with natural rhythms, including death and decomposition, contribute to a lack of understanding of natural processes in the human experiences, including the constancy of change, the cyclical nature of life processes and the patterns of connectivity which create and sustain life itself.



Dimensions retreat participants return home not simply with transformational experiences, but with a clear plan to sustain life improvements. Integration at Dimensions includes an after-care plan with specific attention directed at the following areas: diet and nutrition, movement and exercise, personalized meditation, visualization and movement practices, access to curated Dimensions playlists, mudras and chants to practice, plans for integration therapy, herbal and supplement planning, virtual group sessions and plans for follow-up and check-ins with Dimension’s therapists.

Your ASCEND Retreat includes four weeks of preparation and features:

Two virtual group meetings – These virtual group meetings establish a connection between facilitators and guests. They are designed to prepare our guests for their seven night ASCEND Retreat experience in Jamaica. Our guests will begin connecting with their intentions, receive psychoeducation on Plant Medicine and ceremonial experiences, window of tolerance and emotional regulation, trauma, and how to create the appropriate mindset for Plant Medicine ceremonies.

Dietary advice – Dietary guidelines and Plant Medicine will be provided in preparation for the Retreat. This helps to prepare the body by purification. As a result of these dietary recommendations, the physical body is prepared to receive Plant Medicine while improving brain and brain-gut health. 

Videos- Dimensions offers psychoeducation to provide information on trauma, dissociation, window of tolerance, emotional regulation, clinical issues (Anxiety, Depression, PTSD), Polyvagal theory, Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy, and Plant Medicines (Cannabis, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, etc.)

Worksheets – Through our worksheets, we help guests develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their current issues, and their intentions for healing. 

Audio Meditations – These audio meditations teach our guests self-regulation skills, mindfulness-based practices, self-reflection, and self-exploration practices to prepare for their Retreat experience. 

Packing Lists – Guests are encouraged to bring small, cherished items for use in ceremony (sacred objects, photos of loved ones, or personal belongings that make one feel secure and connected)

Your ASCEND Retreat includes seven nights of all-inclusive accommodations featuring:

  • Private accommodation
  • Three progressive Plant Medicine Ceremonies
  • All meals and snacks, excluding alcohol
  • Local Airport transfers
  • Two, three hour group relational somatic psychotherapy sessions
  • Nature Therapy
  • Three Individual massages
  • Three wellness treatments ( movement practices, bodywork, yoga, meditation)
  • Daily morning group movement and meditation

Your ASCEND Retreat includes six weeks of post Retreat Integration featuring:

  • Two Group Plant Medicine Discussions- the group will meet virtually twice after the retreat to integrate the Retreat and plant medicine experiences. Through these meetings, we assist our guests in processing the profound insights that came up in Ceremony, helping them make sense of the content of their experience. Plant Medicine meetings enable our guests to translate the meaning of their experiences into tangible changes in their everyday lives.
  • Videos – Psychoeducation on the different stages of integration, including remembering, reprocessing, reorienting, re-consolidating memories, and taking new actions.
  • Meditations – post retreat integration through audio meditation provides a way to consolidate the new neural pathways that are created during Retreat. These include mindfulness -based meditations and hypnotherapy processes.
  • Podcasts – Interviews with our clinicians and expert guests on integrating the Plant Medicine experience


Dimensions Ascend Retreat
is located at:

Good Hope Estate
Trelawny, Jamaica

Montego Bay Airport

getting there

Map + Location

By car, this destination is just 45 minutes east of Montego Bay’s international Airport (MBJ) and less than 20 minutes away from the shores of Sangha Beach.

The estate is set on a 2,000, acre historical property with hills, vales and a river running through its tropical landscape. The Great House at Good Hope is situated atop a majestic mountain overlooking the Queen of Spain Valley


Retreat Inclusions

All ASCEND Retreat preparation, integration, accommodation and meals are included in our introductory rate of $8,500 USD (single occupancy). On arrival, an additional charge of $200 USD for your personal local Plant Medicine* purchase will be required. Our Dimensions staff and therapists follow all regulatory guidelines and do not provide psylocibin to our guests for their ceremonial experience. We have developed professional relationships with local growers. All purchases must be made in cash, in person, for personal use, and in accordance with local regulations.

Accommodation in a private suite includes all programmed activities and organic meals prepared daily to suit all dietary needs by Dimensions’ Executive Chef Miriam Echeverria.

These all-inclusive accommodations, amenities and activities are offered as the experiential anchor to prior virtual group preparation sessions and subsequent online modules conducted by Dimensions’ clinicians. Local return ground transportation between Montego Bay’s International airport and Good Hope is included with your enrolment fee. Fees do not include airfare. Dimensions’ ongoing commitment to reciprocity ensures that 4% of all revenue remains within the host community.

*All Plant Medicine purchases must be made in Jamaica and will be in accordance with local regulations.

To ensure your safety and support, there will be a high practitioner to participant ratio. Our experienced Dimensions practitioners will oversee all onboarding for psychedelic assisted therapies and supporting modalities, including mental and physical assessments. We welcome you to an intimate, safe environment – a container to practise vulnerability and cultivate empathy for other participants and yourself.



Dec 10 - 17, 2022

Good Hope Estate

$8,500 USD


Booking Terms + Conditions

Upon written acceptance of your enrolment, a minimum 25% non-refundable deposit is required within 7 days of notification to secure your place at the Retreat. The balance of the payment is due 45 days prior to your arrival at the Retreat.

We look forward to welcoming guests who can confirm that they are free from any COVID-19 symptoms prior to arriving at Good Hope, Jamaica. Guests should also be willing to take a rapid antigen test upon arrival on the day they commence their Dimensions ASCEND Retreat. 

The cost of Plant Medicine is estimated at $200 USD. All Plant Medicine purchases must be made in Jamaica, in person and will be in accordance with local regulations.


Cancellations made within 45 days of the planned arrival date at a Dimensions Retreat will be subject to a charge of 100% of the cost of the Retreat reservation, or 75% of your payment will be credited to another Dimensions Retreat, which must be redeemed within 12 months of receipt. 

All charges and deposits for anyone who must cancel or postpone their stay due to a positive COVID-19 result within 14 days of the Retreat will be waived and refunded with proof of a PCR test. We understand a last-minute guest cancellation is impossible for Dimensions to replace, but you are too. We want you to be well.

Q + A

Published trials and recent research show that psychedelics are useful in treating depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, addictions, migraines, post-traumatic stress, obsessive–compulsive disorder, eating disorders and end-of-life distress, as well as in improving general well-being. Importantly, psychedelics also show promise in safely and efficiently treating many of these conditions where other approaches have failed.

In conjunction with Queen’s University and Health Canada, Dimensions is developing a robust research agenda to continue exploring the benefits and limits of psychedelics. Read our blog for more information about current research trials and findings.

Participation in our programs is not dependent on a physician’s referral, but all guests must participate in our intake and assessment process prior to Retreat, including a medical and psychological assessment to determine your physical and mental readiness for our programs.

Dimensions believes in whole plant medicine. The type of plant-based psychedelics offered at our safe, legal and luxurious Retreats differs depending on local laws in the regions where our locations operate.

Without exception, Dimensions complies with local laws and only provides plant-based medicines that are legal in a Retreat’s location.

When used therapeutically in professionally supervised treatments, psychedelics can help you safely explore past experiences and memories that are normally difficult to tolerate or access. By quieting the part of the brain associated with ego, psychedelics disrupt patterns of negative thinking and allow for the creation of new perceptions. In these expanded states of consciousness, you’re better able to develop – and maintain – a deeper, more compassionate sense of yourself and your place in the world, leading to better mental health and improved well-being.

Used therapeutically, psychedelics are low-risk. At Dimensions, safety is our priority. We incorporate multiple measures to optimize your wellness journey and ensure your stay with us is safe and effective from beginning to end.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy combines psychedelic experiences with complementary therapeutic processes to help you reflect, reset and reconnect. 


The therapeutic effects of psychedelics are not due simply to their physiological effects. Rather, they are the result of interactions between these physiological effects, the therapeutic setting and your mindset. Dimensions wellness programs offer a diverse array of therapeutic somatic modalities such as massage, float tanks and acupuncture to help you reconnect to your body. Instruction in breathing, meditation, mindfulness and similar practices deepens your experience. Activities in nature, exceptional culinary selections and the serene design at our luxurious Retreats are essential supports on your journey to well-being. Through all of these elements, our expert team pays careful attention to your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual development.

When specific strains of cannabis sativa are blended together in a particular way, their psychoactive components – notably, THC, CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC, as well as the terpene profile – can elicit deep psychedelic states similar to other classic psychedelics such as ayahuasca and psilocybin. When used in a therapeutic or ceremonial setting, cannabis addresses physical traumas in the fascia, tendons, muscles and bones – not just the trauma held in nervous system memories, emotions and personality structures.  


However, cannabis differs from other psychedelics because you can retain your agency or sense of control. This often means you can navigate the experience more skilfully and with greater ease, and you can pause the experience.

Our guests’ privacy is paramount. Any information shared during the Retreat is confidential. Dimensions’ therapeutic staff comprises professionals who hold designations from recognized licensing bodies, and all staff have received extensive training on privacy protocols. Our digital platforms and guest services systems comply fully with HIPAA and PHIPA privacy regulations. Your fellow guests must also agree to maintain the confidentiality of other participants’ experiences and identities.


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